My name is Nils Krueger. I am an artist and educator, as well as a mentor and coach, who helps artists to reach their full potential in regards to their art and their career.
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Born in Berlin in 1969, I moved to San Francisco in 1988 for what was initially planned as a 1 year student exchange. Little did I know at the time that I was going to stay there for 23 years.

I enrolled in art school in 1990 to study graphic design. During the first few semesters I took some painting and sculpture classes, and so it happened that I discovered a love for sculpture early on during my studies and changed majors in order to fully focus on studying fine art. I found that welded metal sculpture offered a very direct way for creating durable form in a light yet structural approach. During my BFA studies, I developed my technique of describing a volume with thin lines, much like computer generated 3D wireframe models do.

After graduation, I pursued a MFA degree from the San Francisco Academy of Art University, which I earned in 1996. Since I already started to exhibit my sculptures during my BFA and MFA studies, I had been able to establish somewhat of a name for myself throughout the San Francisco Bay Area by the time of graduating. During this time, my work was featured in San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Sculpture Walk, the Marin Technology Center, the San Francisco Music Annex, as well as several Bay Area galleries.

Shortly after earning my Master’s degree, some of my sculptures were used as a stage set for the Imagination Conference, featuring Brian Eno, Laurie Anderson and Spike Lee.

This led to me being nominated for the SECA award, a contemporary art award program organized by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

I continued to exhibit my work throughout the US and Europe. My sculptures were shown at the James A. Michener Art Museum in Doylestown, PA, the Bellevue Museum of Art in Bellevue, WA, and at several galleries, such as  the LH Horton Jr. Gallery at the San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton, CA, Brandt-Schneider Contemporary Art in St. Helena, CA, B. Haasner Galerie in Wiesbaden, Germany, as well as at Terrain Gallery, Ortega Art, SomARTS Gallery, Patrons of Art Gallery and the AAU Sculpture Center, which are all located in San Francisco, CA. 

Throughout the following years, I participated in private & public commissions, as well as in running an artist co-op gallery for several years.

In 2000, I was offered a teaching position at the San Francisco Academy of Art University, where I taught on campus until 2011 and still teach online courses to this day.

Aside from teaching and building online sculpture courses, I have been deeply involved in the school's graduate program, where I have helped countless students to develop their thesis proposals, and have guided them, through meeting with them 1-on-1 on a regular basis throughout their studies, to create a professional and cohesive body of work.

Based on my experience in the art world, the San Francisco Academy of Art University asked me to develop a Professional Practices for Fine Artists course in 2006. Since then, I have helped hundreds of painting, sculpture, jewelry and photography students to develop professional PR materials, such as an artist statement, a resume and a professional biography, as well as business cards, postcards, a website and a print-on-demand portfolio book in order for them to market themselves and their work on a fully professional level. The main focus of my service to artists is to work with them in order to define the best markets for their art, and to develop a plan of how to market their work to galleries and other art professionals.

More recently, I have also helped artists to develop strategies that have enabled them to earn a living with their art outside of the gallery system by selling their work directly online, as well as by sharing their creative process with their followers on a subscription-model basis. I believe this to be one of the most exciting opportunities for today's artists.


My almost 20 year-long involvement in teaching have trained me to quickly assess art work in order to give constructive feedback in regards to not only the artist’s ability and craftsmanship, but also the effectiveness of communicating his or her ideas through a given medium.
Since I truly enjoy helping artists to be the best artist they can be, and to market and sell their work in order to earn a living through their passion of creating art, I now offer my services to a broader audience.
Let me help you to navigate the art world in order to take your career to the next level.
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