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"Just like professional athletes work with a coach in order to be on top of their game, an artist will benefit from working with a coach in order to succeed in the art world."

Nils Krueger - The Online Artist Coach

Are you looking for honest & constructive feedback on your artwork?

Do you need help with writing your artist statement, resume and bio?

Are you unsure of how to sell your work through galleries and online?

Do you need help with building, designing and updating your website?

Want to learn how to use social media in order to build your audience?

About Me

My name is Nils Krueger. I am an artist and educator, as well as a mentor and coach, who helps artists to reach their full potential in regards to their art and their career. Since 2000, I have been a faculty member at the San Francisco Academy of Art University, where I teach several courses in the Fine Art Department.

My 20+ years experience in teaching, as well as in the graduate midpoint and final review process, have trained me to quickly assess art work in order to give constructive feedback in regards to not only the artist’s ability and craftsmanship, but also the effectiveness of communicating his or her ideas through a given medium.

In 2006, I developed a Professional Practices for Fine Artists class for the university. Since then, I have helped hundreds of artists to develop professional PR materials, such as an artist statement, a resume and a professional biography, as well as business cards, postcards, a website and a print-on-demand portfolio book, in order for them to market themselves and their work on a fully professional level.

I now offer art development and career advice to artists via the internet and am looking forward to get a chance to work with you together on taking your career to the next level.

"Nils helped me to clarify and articulate my artistic vision. He fostered within me the sense of clarity and confidence I needed to approach galleries."

Jessica Newman

Having been an artist for more than 30 years now, I know how difficult it can be to make a living purely based on creating, marketing and selling your work. Most artists struggle with the thought of promoting themselves. There is this common myth that selling your work means selling out as an artist.

Of course, this myth couldn’t be further from the truth!


The reality of the matter is that you need to sell your work in order to keep your creative practice going. Your art sales generate the money you need in order to pay for your materials, studio space and other overhead so you can create more art.


Just as importantly, you need to get your work out there because art is, at its very foundation, a medium of communication. If you don’t get your work out there and seen (and yes, also bought) by others, then the conversation, meaning your creative practice, will fade after a while. This is why many artists stop being artists just a few years into their career.

Don’t be one of these artists!


Working with a coach will help you to develop a mature and cohesive body of work, as well as guide you in taking the right approach to marketing and selling your art in order to keep your creative practice alive and flourishing.


No matter whether you are just starting out in your career as an artist and are confused as to how to break into the art market, whether you are an artist who has been out of touch with his or her creative practice and you want to get back into the game, or you are an experienced artist who wants to take his or her career to the next level, I would love to work with you.

"Under the guidance of Nils I was able to establish the right documentation, develop a professional portfolio, and a marketing strategy to ensure steady sales and income from my art business."

Anna Miller

How I Can Help You

Art Coaching

Through focused 1-on-1 meetings, I will help you to refine your craft and focus your intent in order to create the very best and fully cohesive work you can.

Business Coaching

Aside from developing strategies for marketing your art to galleries, I will help you to market your art through social media and to sell your work online.

PR Services

I will help you to develop professional PR materials, so you can market your work on a professional level. You can also hire me to create these materials for you.

"Working with Nils Krueger, I was able to produce a concise, clear and polished artistic vision for my fine art business. Due to this, my website, artist statement and overall image of promotional materials is approachable and impressive."

Renee Caouette

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